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Now available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 on Intel AppUp

WordBook is a popular English dictionary and thesaurus software for Windows Mobile devices. It has a great combination of comprehensive contents and fast intuitive interface.

FEATURES that make WordBook stand out from other dictionary apps:

  • Professionally recorded pronunciation for every single entry
  • Word origin information (Etymologies)
  • Smart spelling suggestions
  • Favorite word management
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WordBook main window showing definition of the word "perfect".

WordBook main window showing links of the word "perfect".

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  • 150,000 entries with more than 220,000 definitions
  • 70,000 usage samples
  • 39,000 word origins (etymologies)
  • 120,000 pronunciation guides (IPA)
  • 150,000 real human voice audios
  • Built-in thesaurus and word links
  • Browser-like content navigation with ability to tap on any word to view its definition.
  • Bookmark and history management


  • Windows XP, Vista & 7
  • File size: 17MB